Gourmet Coffee Tasting Chart

Gourmet Coffee Tasting Chart

All Café Britt Costa Rican coffees are carefully selected and roasted to perfection but each offers a unique tasting experience. There is a brew for every palate and occasion. Use our tasting chart to compare and choose which suits your daily needs.
  • Espresso

    • Gourmet coffee beans are carefully roasted for a longer time, bringing their natural oils and sugar to the surface.
    • A strong, rich & creamy coffee.

  • Dark Roast

    •The natural oils of coffee beans are brought to the surface.
    • Rich and deep taste with an exceptional body.
    • A careful blend of Costa Rica’s are brought to the surface premium coffees
    provides a strong flavor that’s consistent throughout the year.

  • Terrazú

    • Highly aromatic.
    • The intensity of its flavor is immediately noticed.
    • Full bodied, with a taste that fills your palate.
    • Rich flavor reminiscent of dark chocolate
    • Tarrazú region.
    • Late-maturing hard bean, world renown.

  • Decaffeinate

    • A dryer aroma and flavor, characteristic of a premium dark roast.
    • Decaffeinated through water process to preserve flavor

  • Tres Ríos

    • A soft & sweet aroma that invites you to delight again and again.
    • Its flavorful qualities arealways present regardless of temperature.
    Hot or cold you will enjoy its balancedflavor.
    • Region influenced by the Irazú Volcano.

  • Light Roast

     • Subtle finish.
    • High acidity
    • Well balanced with a full bodied flavor.
    • Subtle citrus aroma and flavor
    • A blend from Costa Rica’s most renowned coffee regions allows it
    to maintain its crisp lively flavor throughout the entire year.